Westboro Watch rises from its grave

Posted by Capn Coconuts On Monday, January 2, 2012 0 comments
The old, defunct blogspot blog known as Westboro Watch has returned. Hopefully, it will last for a while this time.

Some things will be different from the old blog, for the very few of you who might have seen the old version. In particular, this version has a calmer, more formal, and more tactful tone. The old version often got vitriolic and sarcastic when pointing out flaws in Westboro Baptist Church's theology and the like, which shouldn't have happened. Such a thing might have convinced a Westboro Baptist Church member that I hated them and that they were in the right when the exact opposite is true.

The purpose of Westboro Watch is two-fold: to educate the masses about Westboro Baptist Church and to convince its members that their theology is a disgrace to true Christianity. Due to my formerly crass way of communication, I was failing in the much more difficult part when I didn't need to.

That will not happen any more. I was made to be a compassionate creature, and now I will act like one.


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