About WBC

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Westboro Baptist Church is an Independent Primitive Baptist Church located in Topeka, Kansas. It has no membership in any association or convention, and their extreme views would keep them from joining any.

If WBC had a single motto, it would be "God hates fags", the name of their primary website and their most iconic picket sign. It's perfectly in line with their beliefs that God hates just about everyone, especially homosexuals. The only people God doesn't hate are the people God chose to be saved before the world was even created, regardless of faith or merit.

As Primitive or Hard Shell Baptists, WBC adheres to a strong Calvinistic position and denies any responsibility to send missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission.

Despite believing that God hates almost everyone, these church members picket six times a day in places that aren't too far from their church address, and often travel to distant parts of the country to picket. When going to other parts of the U.S., they usually target "fag-enabling" institutions, funerals of homosexuals and deceased soldiers, and Jews. They're also quick to sue anyone who interferes with their activities, and constantly fax anti-Semitic and anti-gay messages to various institutions and individuals.

Not too many people know much more about them than their tasteless picketing. If you're one of those people who need to know the beliefs (and their unpleasant implications) of Westboro Baptist Church, I hope that Westboro Watch will serve you well.