Addicted to Hate: the Fred Phelps story

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It seems that I cannot access Alyzza Martin's edited copy of this document, so I will link to the original document on

Most people know of Westboro Baptist Church as the place that protests with joyful posters having words like "GOD HATES FAGS" and "PRAY FOR MORE DEAD SOLDIERS." Few people know what has happened behind the Phelps's front door. Addicted to Hate shows exactly what is there.

Granted, people who have called themselves Baptists have not always been the most righteous of folks. For example, the Southern Baptist Convention was created over a dispute in slavery. But this defies anything I've seen. It shows just how depraved Fred Phelps was when he wasn't protesting or behind the pulpit, and his sons and former members Mark and Nate Phelps are our witnesses.

Almost all people who have read this hate Westboro Baptist Church. But reciprocating hate is sinful. As a Christian, I must love my enemies no matter how vile they are, as Jesus Christ commanded his disciples so that they would be like God in his love towards those same enemies (Matthew 5:43-47). Is God grieved because of Westboro Baptist Church? I believe He is exceedingly so. But God has given mercy to people who were much worse, such as the Ninevites in the book of Jonah.

Addicted to Hate is not a reason to hate WBC, but it exposes the pastor's fruits and his obvious spiritual need. He should know that God is a far greater witness than Mark or Nate are, and that he will go to Hell if he doesn't truly repent of his sins.

EDIT: Alyzza Martin has provided a link to the edited version. You can find it here.


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